Expanding Horizons Workshop

We are looking into the history of our area in Central Otago through a variety of activities. This is all centered around a camp in ophir. Over the next two days we hope to post some more information here and some pictures of the things we’ve done.

The first night, the Rough Ridge kids stayed the night at Flannery Lodge. Dinner was savoury mince, veges and potatoes. The evenings activities were Pictionary, Uno and Kadoo. Then when went to bed (ha ha not really). Apparently some of us talked until after midnight.

In the morning some of us were a bit tired!

We were split up into five groups to go and participate some activities. One of them was learning how to BLOG. We learnt how to make a post on the idavalley site and we each wrote a guess who profile.

Here are some pictures from the activities

This group of bloggers are going to to report on their sporting adventures from the coming weekend. So watch the home page of the site next week.

The other groups went and did an exercise with Mrs Nevill about the history of ophir and made up a big picture board with descriptions.

Others went and did some creative writing and poetry with Trudy. Kartrina and Ms Clouston took some of us for drama. Mrs Banks took some of us and showed us how to draw cartoons.

In the evening we all got together at the Ophir hall and entertained our parents with a game of eveolution. Then we had dinner. Unfortunately the water at the hall wasn’t on and the toilets weren’t working, but no worries, we just went back to Flannery lodge.

After the late night talking of the previous night we all went to bed like little angels – NOT! Mr Waymouth extracted some revenge by scaring some of us because we were still talking.

This morning we had a breakfast of rice’s and pineapple. Some of us were still shaking form the horrific scare last night.

The second group of bloggers (who have added onto this page) and we describe ourselves as “totally awesome” learnt how to blog. You’ll see some pictures of us above.

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