Several Valley residents ( can’t call them all local as you’re not a local until you’ve been here at least 20 years ;-) ) like to turn their hand to painting.

Sam Stevens – landscapes in Acrylic
233 Auripo Road, R.D.2, Oturehua. Phone (03) 4474 141
”My wife reckons my painting is a bit ‘slap-dash’, however my landscapes and the odd still life try to capture the energy and vibrancy attached to the places we live and the objects we use. I try to show this with a lot of colour and textured brush strokes.”

Steve Goodlass – nudes and portraits in Acrylic
“When I learned to paint at school I was always interested in faces and the female human form. Of course, being at a Catholic boys college I found human forms were not going to be encouraged. I rediscovered painting as a form of expression when I painted my pregnant wife Carol. I have since gone on to do a series of ‘blue’ ladies in stark light. More recently, I have been exploring faces in black and white relief.”

Sarah Falconer – landscapes in Oil
Click here to view some of Sarah’s paintings –> Sarah’s Paintings

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