Bonspiel Gold Tours

Gold recovered by panning

Gold recovered by panning

Come and try your hand at a bit of Gold panning on the Bonspiel Station claim. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn how to pan and explore this authentic 1800′s Gold Rush site.  It’s a great family or group activity as you compete to find gold and search for the huts nestled in amongst the surrounding tors.

What’s involved

- Walk out to the site and hear a bit about the area and it’s history on the way.

- Grab a pan and watch your guide while they explain how to pan.

- Load your pan with a shovel full of dirt from the aluvial field and start panning in the water filled trough provided to make things a bit easier for you.

- At your leisure, go and explore the surrounding huts.

$30 per Adult
$10 for Children under 12 years of age
$70 Family (2 Adults 2 or more children)

Group discounts available, just ask.

Bookings essential – availability is all year round.

How to book
Call Sue on 03 4474 205

How long does it take?
The total experience lasts 2 hours

Is their a minium number of people?
2 – 4 people

Is it easily accessible for older people?

What others have said
We live locally and had never visited Bonspiel before. Wow, I just could not believe it when our 7 year old put a shovel full of dirt into his pan, started panning and suddenly in the bottom is a real grain of gold, not a fleck, but a tiny nugget. It was really hard to drag him away after that.  The old miners huts are unreal when you think about how tough you would have had to have been to survive in those times. Just loved the history of this gateway to the Otago Gold Fields – The Goodlass family

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