Bonspiel Accommodation and Tours

Bonspiel Station is set in Moa Creek on 10,000 acres of hill country at the base of the Old Dunstan Trail. This working farm is surrounded by rocky hills and clear skies, creating stunning vistas.

Accommodation Options

Miners Cottage


Relive the Gold Rush as the miners did by staying in one of our restored schist stone cottages. Take in the peaceful scenery by day and relax by the large open fire in the evenings.

Each cottage offers privacy with great views over the hills of the Ida Valley, the gold mining hills of years gone by. The simple layout allows families to enjoy all the aspects of camping in a different era, and if keen, try the open fire which is great for cooking on. There is also a small pizza oven fire set outside for the would be pizza- makers.

The two cottages can sleep six people in total and there is plenty of room for camping if required. Facilities are basic at the actual cottage site with a toilet and wash water facilities, however, if required, there are bathroom (including shower) and kitchen facilities at the farm woolshed. You can bring you own bedding or we can supply these for you.

Orchard Cottage
This mudbrick cottage is set further up the farm in what is known as the Orchard Block.

The cottage sleeps four people comfortably and again there is plenty of room for camping if required. Cooking facilities and bedding can be supplied if required.

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Moa Creek Hotel
For groups, we have the old Moa Creek Hotel with its privately owned bar. We use this like they used it in the early days where you can have the opportunity to be your own bar keeper for your friends while relaxing by the open fire.
The hotel is surrounded by stunning vistas including the Hawkden and Remarkable Ranges famously portrayed by Graeme Sydney.
Five bedrooms, two bathrooms, a lounge and a separate bar area are all fully furnished. In the winter the two living areas have large fire places to keep the rooms cosy and warm, while in summertime the thick walls of the establishment offer a lovely escape from the heat.

Winters can be long and icy cold, but the days often bring clear blue skies which are fantastic for photography.

We farm sheep and cattle and offer recreational shooting of rabbits and goats.

Tours are offered to the Poolburn Dam and we can take groups to specific sites from the Lord of the Rings movie, The Two Towers.

Shorter tours are offered around the mining cottages and areas that were mined in the early 1900’s. You may even have the time to pan for some gold.

There are lovely walks on the land, taking in the views, tussocks and rocky outcrops. It would be fair to say this is a unique area of New Zealand and we treasure it. Take a picnic with you and just enjoy the peace and quiet.
The unspoilt country is excellent for biking, with over 50km of farm tracks to explore at your leisure.
The Poolburn Dam offers excellent fishing with the most common catch being healthy Brown Trout but be sure to have a look under the rocks for the Freshwater Crayfish.

Your host : Sarah Falconer
Address: The end of Moa Creek Rd
Phone: 0273834074

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