Ice Skating Stories

ICE SKATING                                                                                                                                                                                       By Becky Scott

As I was walking down the steps it felt funny having skates on my feet. I slowly made my way across the ice. Soon, I was skating from one side of the ice rink. Once I just about crashed into Antonia. When I was pushing Kacee on a chair we just about crashed into Antonia again. When I was skating around the rink Kacee and Holly both held on to me. I fell over on to the slippery ice. Kacee and Holly fell over as well. We started to laugh. When I got up I helped Kacee get up. After lunch we did some games. I had a good day in Naseby.


Ice Skating – Eamon Flannery

I am skating on the ice.  I’m using a chair!

Skating – Ben McNally

I am skating all day!  The ice thawed, the water made everyone slip, but I didn’t!

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