Graham’s Run-Bethany

Over the next few weeks Sinnead and I are going to be following up Graham Sinnamon’s run. These are the questions we have all ready asked him and here are the anwsers. The hardest run he has been in is the Dunedin Marathon because he finds it hard running on tarseal for a long time. He also found the run to the clock in Alexandra for the Blosoom Festival hard  because although  it was  short it was very steep and hard. Another question we asked him was what he does when his body starts to hurt when running? His answer was to just to ignore it and carry on and find out what sort of pain it is. If it is a tired pain or if it’s a sore pain. His last question was what he was planning for his up coming event? He just wants to enioy it and have as much fun as possible. He is going to take a Rail Trail Passport and collect all of the stamps along the way, take a few pictures and just cruise. The reason he is doing the run is because he has always wanted to and he finally  has the support. Stay tuned as we will keep on updating the website on Graham Sinnimon’s run.

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